My own experience in my Christian walk has led me to understand that it is not always easy to be able to distinguish between God’s voice and Satan’s voice. It point blank isn’t always easy to hear God’s voice. I hope that I can give you some advice from my own experiences.

When it comes to hearing God’s voice it’s generally a good start is to ask God to speak to you. However, simply asking God to speak to you doesn’t always guarantee that you will hear His voice. What is vital is that your Spirit is in tune with God, that you have humbled yourself before Him and that you are right with God – not knowingly living in sin. A misconception is that when God speaks to you it’s in an audible voice, yes God does speak to us in an audible voice sometimes, but generally when He speaks it’s a small voice in our minds, a bit like one your of own thoughts. It can be tricky, especially when you begin to hear God’s voice or seek to hear His voice, to distinguish between God’s voice and your own thoughts or imaginings. Generally the voice or ‘thought’ that comes into your head right after you’ve asked God to say something to you is His voice. Also the voice or ‘thought’ that is so unlike your own thoughts is often God’s voice and not just your own wild imagination. This is especially true when you have asked God to speak to you. One important thing to remember is that God wants to have a personal relationship with us and being able to talk to each other is vital for any personal relationship, so when we ask God to speak to us – and we listen quietly- He will respond.
The often most difficult part, that people  don’t always think about when they start hearing God’s voice, is distinguishing God’s voice from Satan’s voice. The importance of this is truly great, because Satan is the father of all lies and He loves to deceive the elect by pretending to be God. Satan’s voice is, therefore very similar to God’s voice. So how do we know when we are actually hearing Satan’s voice? Satan’s voice often try’s to tell us to not do what God has called is to do. He sometimes tells us that something very negative is going to happen to us or our loved ones under the guise of it being a trial from God, but nothing of it ever happens. Remember that Satan’s main mission to deceive the elect – us Christians.
I wish to encourage you to seek after God, listen to His voice and follow His directions. Be on your guard, because the more you seek after God’s will for your life and the more you grow in Christ, the more Satan will perceive you as a threat and will attack in different ways. But remember that God is always by your side and He will give you the strength to withstand Satan’s attacks, because He is mightier than Satan. We serve an all-mighty God and blessed be His name.